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Auto Loan


Loan Amount Minimum: Rs.300,000/-Maximum: Rs.6,000,000/-
Loan Tenure Minimum:1 Yr – Maximum:5 Yrs
Mark-up Rate Salaried: Six Months KIBOR + 400bps
Self Employed Professional: Six Months KIBOR + 450bps
Self Employed Businessman: Six Months KIBOR + 500bps 

*Mark-up rate to be revised on Six Monthly Basis

Down Payment (Equity) Minimum 15% of Vehicle Value
Vehicle Type Passenger Vehicle
Insurance Vehicle Insurance will be mandatory from Bank’s authorized

Insurance Company

Early Settlement Facility Available

Note: Subject to other prevailing terms & conditions




  • Quick & Hassle Free Processing
  • No Processing Fees before approval
  • Choose any type of Car – Local (New & Used) & Imported (Registered & Un-Registered)
  • Insurance through reputable Insurance Company at lowest rate

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