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Corporate and Investment Banking

Our mission is to serve all your corporate needs and ensure your full satisfaction through product innovation, personalized banking, and top notch service.

The Corporate & Investment Banking Group (C&IBG) of Summit Bank Limited (SMBL) comprises of a seasoned team of Relationship Managers (RMs) to meet the demanding service standards of Corporations & Businesses. Our forte is providing exemplary customer service using the “Single Window” concept and “Product Superiority”. The Corporate & Investment Banking Group team focuses on attracting and servicing a diverse portfolio of various corporations in the country. This has not only allowed us to steadily expand our customer base but also continue to enhance our cordial relations with our esteemed clients, thus enabling us to provide timely and effective financial solutions for our customers to meet the growing challenges of a global economy. Our Corporate team has the expertise you need to create tailored financial solutions catering to the specific requirements of your business.

The Investment Banking Group (IBG) in conjunction with the corporate team provides innovative and unique solutions to its clients enabling them to meet the challenges of an ever-changing market. Whether the objective is to establish a new venture or expand an existing business, the IBG at Summit Bank Limited provides you with the necessary expertise and advisory and arrangement services to successfully achieve your business objectives.


At Summit Bank Limited, we offer a full range of Products and Services to choose from. We have substantial expertise in various corporate banking products such as:

  • Local Currency Facilities;
  • Foreign Currency Facilities (FE-25);
  • Demand Finance;
  • Working Capital Finance;
  • Import Financing;
  • Receivables Discounting;
  • Local & Foreign Bills Discounting;
  • Pre and Post Export Financing;
  • Documentary Letters of Credit;
  • Standby Letters of Credit; and
  • Guarantees.


SMBL’s Investment Banking Specialists are available to assist clients with sophisticated corporate advisory services. The Investment Banking team has three specialist areas and comprises of various products and services being offered to our Customers.

Project & Structured Finance

Syndications & Debt Capital Market

    • Loan Syndications
    • Term Finance Certificates
      • Listed
      • Privately Placed
    • Securitization
    • Commercial Paper

Equity & Advisory

  • Equity Listing
    • Ordinary Shares
    • Preference Shares
  • Pre-IPO Private Placement
  • Private Equity
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory
  • Restructuring Advisory

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