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Deposit Products

Summit Bank offers you a variety of deposit products to cater your daily financial needs including Current Accounts, Savings Accounts, Term Deposits and Customized Financial Solutions for Safe keeping, Transactional and Investment purposes.

Collection Products:
Collection is the process of depositing into the branch by any method required by the customer or business model. It also varies from customer to customer.

  • Saving Account

    PLS Saving Account Summit Bank’s Savings Account is the most convenient way to manage your savings in local and foreign currencies. Our Savings A

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  • Senior Citizen Account

    Summit Senior Citizen Account designed for Senior Citizens (60 years and above) to empower Senior Citizen to open and operate the Bank account transac

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  • Hamara Family Savings Account

    Fostering the bond that exists with its customers, and to better serve their financial needs, Summit Bank has come up with ‘Summit Family Savings

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  • Young Bee Account

    The young bee account is a magical world of saving with many adventures waiting for you! We are here to make your life adventurous and fun! Now yo

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  • Mahana Amdan Account

    Deposit Limits Rs. 50,000 up-to Rs.10 million Rate of Profit Term Deposits Expected Rate of Profit 3 Months..

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  • Rack Rate Sheet

    INDICATIVE RATE OF PROFIT SHEET FOR THE PERIOD FROM JUNE 01, 2020 TO JUNE 30, 2020 Six monthly Profit Payment on Average Monthly Balance P

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