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UnionPay International –Gold Card

Combining domestic convenience with international luxury, UnionPay International Gold Card is a perfect alternative to cash. As the most versatile payment tool in the market, it incorporates the benefits of flexibility, security and incomparable convenience, and is your gateway to unparalleled rewards.

Pay from your UnionPay International Gold Card for shopping and dining to get the highest value for the lowest prices. Indulge in a lifestyle with world class purchasing convenience.

It is as simple as Shop, Swipe & Sign


  • Initial Balance : Rs.500,000/-
  • Cash Withdrawal: Rs.50,000/-
  • Cash Withdrawal (Single Transaction): Rs.20,000/-
  • Point Of Sale(POS) Transaction: Rs.150,000/-
  • Fund Transfer within SMBL: Rs.250,000/-
  • Inter Bank Funds Transfer(IBFT) : Rs.250,000/-
  • Inter Bank Funds Transfer (IBFT) Per Transaction Charges : Rs.50 + FED
  • Annual Card Fee for primary card : Rs.1000+ FED
  • Annual Card Fee (Supplementary Card) : Rs.800+ FED
  • Card Replacement Charges on the basis of stolen, damaged & lost : Rs.700 + FED
  • Mail Order/Telephone Order and Internet transactions not allowed.


    • Direct Debit/No Markup
    • World Wide Usage / ATM Insurance
    • Enhanced limits for daily spending
    • 24-Hour Emergency Helpline
    • Annual Fee Waiver for the first year of card operation. This applies to Supplementary cards as well

  • 1.5 Million ATMs worldwide using:
  • CUP debit card can be used for:Grocery Dining Petrol Travel

Supplementary Cards

  • Number of Cards Allowed : 2 cards
  • Cash Withdrawal: Rs.25,000/-
  • POS Transaction: Rs.75,000/-
  • IBFT : Not Available
  • Card Replacement Charges on the basis of stolen, damaged & lost : Rs.700 + FED
  • Annual Card fee for supplementary card : Rs.700 + FED

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