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Dolmen Loyalty Card

Summit Bank proudly announces the launch of its new product in Karachi City!

Pakistan’s very first unique co-branded debit card; “Dolmen Loyalty Card”

Summit Bank & Dolmen Group together brings you a World Class Shopping experience.This card welcomes you at Dolmen Mall with fascinating discounts while you shop at your favorite outlet of apparel, footwear, fragrances, home accessories or dine-in at your choice of restaurant or at food court.

Benefits Envisage

  • Discount: You can enjoy lucrative discount offered by selected merchants located at Dolmen Mall.
  • Reward Points: For every Rs. 50 you spend, you can earn one (1) reward point which is redeemable at all selected merchants.

To Get your Card:

  • Visit Summit Bank’s Sales & Service Center at Dolmen Mall Clifton, Hyderi & Tariq road
  • Visit any Summit Bank’s branch in Karachi
  • Fill up & submit the account opening form at any of our branch.
  • Call our Call Center anytime at 0800-24365 and get all the details.

Using the Dolmen Loyalty Card

  • Make purchase from selected merchants and present your card to the cashier at the check-out counter.
  • Cashier will swipe your card on the POS terminal and enter the payable amount after discount.
  • After successful authorization, your account will be subsequently debited for the transaction amount.
  • Two Sales receipts will be generated (Merchant and Customer copy).
  • Carefully check the amount on receipts before signing the receipt and return it to the cashier.
  • Please ensure that you take your card and receipts before leave the counter.
  • Please note this card cannot be used on any ATM machine or any other place(s) except at authorized merchants of Dolmen Mall Karachi.

Points Redemption

  • You can redeem your points at any selected merchant.
  • The merchant will swipe your card and enter the point redemption amount in the POS Machine.
  • System will check the availability of points.
  • If the sufficient points are available then system will automatically calculate the equivalent reward points and authorize the transaction.
  • Two receipts of transaction will be printed (i.e Merchant and Customer copy).
  • Carefully check the amount on receipts before signing the receipt and return it to the cashier.
  • On this transaction, no reward points will be provided.
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