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Bachat Savings Account

Bachat Savings Account (BSA) is an investment-cum-transactional account. The money can be deposited and withdrawn at will with or without notice either by Cheque / ATM / Debit Card / Electronic means (Net Banking etc.) or through written instructions.

Salient Features:

  • Bachat Savings Account (BSA) will be opened in Pakistani Rupees.
  • The account can be opened with PKR 1,000/-.
  • Minimum Balance requirement is PKR 1,000/-.
  • Profit will be calculated on monthly average balance and payment will be Bi-annually.
  • Zakat & other Levies will be applicable as per governing laws.

Contract & Mechanism:

BSA is an “investment for profit” account governed under the rules of Mudarabah (A form of Partnership) with a vision to provide a bouquet of valuable services along with return on the investment. Profit payout will be made Bi-annually.
BSA will be accepted on the basis of Mudarabah. The Bank will be the Mudarib and the Investment Account Holders (IAHs) / Depositors will provide funds for investment to earn Halal profit / benefit, identified as Rab-ul-Maal. The funds so deposited will be invested in an Investment Pool which will be managed by the Bank in capacity as Mudarib (Managing Partner).
The IAH is eligible to share Profit from the respective investment pool according to his / her deposit in a predetermined ratio adjusted by weightages assigned to each category of remunerative deposits. This is calculated on calendar month basis. The Profit or Loss declared by the Bank, as stipulated herein, shall be considered as final and binding on all the account holders. The Bank in this capacity as Mudarib will also be entitled to a share of the distributable profit.
The Bank may also choose to invest its own Funds. In this case the Bank will share profit in addition to its share as Mudarib. Accordingly, in case of loss in the respective pool, it (Loss) will be shared between the IAHs and the Bank as per ratio of their investments in that pool.

Who Can Participate?

Account may be opened in the name of persons and bodies mentioned below upon being properly introduced in a manner prescribed by the Bank (provided that their source of income is not received from any prohibited source as per the Shariah principles):

  • Individuals
  • Sole Proprietorship concerns
  • Partnership Firms
  • Limited Companies (Private & Public)
  • Clubs, Societies and Association
  • Foreign Missions / Diplomats
  • Agents Accounts
  • Trust
  • NGO / NPO’S / Charities
  • Branch Office / Liaison Office of Foreign Companies
  • Executors and Administrators
  • Government / Provincial / Local Government and Armed Forces (Including Allied Accounts)

Value Added Services.

  • Fund Transfer within Summit Bank Ltd via ATM, Web & Branch Network.
  • Issuance of Pay Order
  • Outward Clearing Charges for Cheques returned unpaid.
  • Issuance of Islamic Debit Card for 1st Year.
  • Internet Banking Facility.
  • E-Statement of Accounts.

Terms & Conditions apply

For further details, please visit your nearest Summit Islamic Banking Branch or Dial 021-1111-24365

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