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Diminishing Musharka – Consumer

A form of partnership in which one of the partner’s (Customer) promises to buy the equity share of the other partner (SUMMIT BANK) gradually until the ownership of the equity is completely transferred to one of the partner. This transaction starts with the formation of a partnership, after which buying and selling of the equity take place between consumer & SUMMIT BANK.

Understanding trends in consumer product markets, and the financial needs of consumers, SUMMIT BANK is now designing Consumer Banking services through a dedicated division. SUMMIT BANK aims to aggressively grow its existing product portfolio by introducing products in phases. We provide services to consumer focused and competitive approach while closely following technological developments. With a clearly defined market segment and a solid strategic intent supported by a Shariah based modern and reliable infrastructure, Summit Bank is ready to reach new heights in Consumer Banking services through offering House & Vehicle under Diminishing Musharka.

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Last Updated 2023-09-25

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