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Financial Institutions Services

FID is a support, as well as profit generating centre of the bank. In FID, we maintain relationships with major financial institutions around the globe, to process all our trade transactions, remittances and payments. We enjoy strong banking relationships, considering our customer base, vis-a-vis trade finance which is growing rapidly. We are committed to understanding business needs and delivering the services required.

The blend of Summit Bank’s specially designed trade products, with a team of trade staff having extensive expertise & experience in their specialized areas of trade finance, adds great value to the customers’ interest, in terms of improved trade cycles. It also facilitates efficient management of cash flows and flexibility with quick turnaround time for the processing of transactions.

We are keen on developing and maintaining Correspondent Banks network, including top ranking financial institutions to cater business requirements. We are devoted to offering our clients innovative financial solutions as well as promoting Summit Bank’s brand globally, as a banking partner of choice in Pakistan. FID is also concerned with exploring new business opportunities in the local and international markets besides the marketing of bank’s broad range of products and services.

Our core functions are:

  • Country / Bank Lines initiation and management
  • Treasury and Trade Lines initiation
  • Export LCs discounting and financing
  • Trade support in routing L/Cs
  • Nostro / Vostro Accounts relationships
  • Issuance of various types of guarantees
  • Inland Banking Arrangements



  • Trade Services
  • Payment Services
  • International funds transfer
  • Cash letter service
  • Funded Products
  • Unfunded Products
  • Risk Participation

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