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Advantage Account

As an innovative Investment Product, Summit Bank offers Summit Advantage Account to ensure Convenient and Profitable Financing. Whilst delivering Exceptional Returns on your Investment, Summit Bank also provides the opportunity to avail up to 70% Loan Financing, Free from any additional mark up.

This unique offer is for those who want to conserve their savings but still want to avail a hassle-free financing facility to manage periodic cash flow needs.

Key Features:

  • 100,000 to start with
  • Maximum Limit of Investment Up to Rs.10,000,000
  • 1 Year Term
  • Maximum Loan up to 70% of the Deposit with No Additional Markup
  • Attractive Returns
  • Monthly Profit Payout


  • Profit subject to Zakat, Withholding tax and other applicable taxes (unless exempted)
  • Regular declared TDR Profit rates (for last completed period of deposit) will be paid on Premature Encashment

Terms & Conditions Apply

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