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We strive to make your experience with Summit Bank a pleasant and memorable one. Our branches and staff are always keen to welcome you warmly. Maintaining the feel and ambiance of the branch is an important ingredient, when it comes to enhancing customer experience, Please let us know how we served you throughout your visit.

Disclaimer: PLEASE DO NOT share any sensitive, confidential, or identifying information (such as any passwords, PIN No , OTP, date of birth, etc.) apart from your Account No., in this field, or anywhere on this form. Please note that Summit Bank shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by you as a result of provision of any such sensitive, confidential, or identifying information.

1) Kindly provide the name of the branch, that you visited?

2) How was the Behaviour of the staff?

3) Did we manage to process your transaction(s) promptly?

4) How would you rate the overall Branch Ambiance?

5) Please rate the overall knowledge of the staff and their response to your queries regarding our product/services

6) Will you recommend Summit Bank Products and Services to your Friends / Relatives?

7) Please rate your level of satisfaction on the charges deducted on various products/services offered by the Bank.

8) How would you rate your overall service experience with Summit Bank?

9) Where do you feel the bank needs improvement?

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