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Trade Finance

Trade Finance, being the prime focus of our bank, we offer wide variety of funded and non-funded trade related facilities such as:

1) Imports: Letters of Credit, Documentary Collection, back to back letters of credit, registration of Import Contracts, Advance Payments, Finance against Imported Materials, Finance against Trust Receipt, Finance against FE-25.

2) Exports: Confirmation, Negotiation, Discounting, Documentary Collection, Finance against Foreign Bills, Finance against FE-25, Export Refinance Facilities through State Bank of Pakistan.

3) Bank Guarantees: All kinds of Local as well as Foreign Guarantees.

For North / Central Region confirmation/genuineness should seek through following

  1. Function /Department Name: Bank Guarantee Unit
  2. Office Address: Summit Bank Ltd, Shimla Tower,2nd Floor, 05 Davis Road ,Lahore
  3. Office Phone Number : 42-36310407,042-36310389
  4. Generic Email Address:,

For South region confirmation/genuineness should seek through following

  1. Function /Department Name : Bank Guarantee Unit
  2. Office Address:: Summit Bank Plaza Plot no 8/C-1 Mumtaz Hassan Road Off I.I Chundrigar Road Karachi Pakistan
  3. Office Phone Number : 021-32468458
  4. Generic Email Address:

4) Risk Participation: Risk participation in Trade Finance Transactions mainly includes, Import LCs, Export LCs and Guarantees.

5) Local Trade: Inland Letters of Credit, Back to Back Letters of Credit, Local Bill Discounting etc.


FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act)

Summit Bank itself has registered and obtained Global Intermediary Identification Number (GIIN) for the bank. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) assigned GIIN to our bank is: BXMDDV.00000.LE.586

The GIINs have been published by the IRS on the Foreign Financial Institution (FFI) List. Find W-8- BEN-E form here.



Requirement of Legal Documentation and AML/KYC & Due Diligence Information

  1. Bank License
  2. Certificate of Commencement of Business
  3. Latest Shareholding pattern
  4. Board of Directors
  5. Senior Management
  6. Wolfsberg Questionnaire
  7. US Patriot Act Certificate
  8. GIIN Code & W-8-BEN-E form
  9. Financial reports (Available under “About Us” section on our website)
  10. Nostro Relationships (SSI)
  11. Credit Ratings


Contact Person in Financial Institutions Division

Muhammad Moin Khan
Senior Vice President / Head
Financial Institutions Division
Treasury & Financial Institutions Group
Summit Bank Limited
Summit Tower, Plot No. G-2
Block-2, Clifton
Tel: (9221) 3246 3557


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