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G2P Projects

Poverty is one of the biggest challenges face by our country as 60% of the total population living below the poverty line (World Bank, 2002). In an effort to accelerate the poverty reduction, the Government of Pakistan launched the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) with the support of World Bank and other donors as a flagship government safety net initiative in 2008 across Pakistan.

Since its inception in 2008, BISP has grown rapidly; it is now the largest single social safety net program in Pakistan’s history. The number of beneficiaries has increased from 1.7 million households in FY 2008-9 to approximately 4.7 million as of 31st Dec, 2014 and BISP annual disbursements have risen from Rs. 16 billion in FY 2008-9 to Rs 65 billion in FY 2013-14. This FY, disbursements to beneficiaries is expected to reach Rs. 90 billion.
Being a socially responsible corporate organization, Summit Bank has joined hands with Government of Pakistan for their G2P initiative to provide financial assistance to poor families through Benazir Income Support Program. We are participating in three G2P programs of BISP in eight (8) districts consisting of thirty one (31) tehsils :

  • BISP-Mobile Payment Project
  • BISP-Benazir Debit Card Project
  • BISP-Waseela-e- Rozgar Project

To find more details about Benazir Income Support Program and to search for beneficiary details, please visit

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