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Mastercard Gold Card


  • Initial Balance : Rs.500,000/-
  • Cash Withdrawal: Rs.50,000/-
  • Cash Withdrawal (Single Transaction): Rs.20,000/-
  • Point Of Sale(POS) Transaction: Rs.150,000/-
  • Fund Transfer within SMBL: Rs.250,000/-
  • Inter Bank Funds Transfer(IBFT) : Rs.250,000/-
  • Inter Bank Funds Transfer (IBFT) Per Transaction Charges : Rs.50 + FED
  • Annual Card Fee for primary card : Rs.800 + FED
  • Annual Card Fee (Supplementary Card) : Rs.800 + FED
  • Card Replacement Charges on the basis of stolen, damaged & lost : Rs.800 + FED
  • Mail Order/Telephone Order and Internet transactions not allowed.


  • Direct Debit/No Markup
  • World Wide Usage / ATM Insurance
  • Enhanced limits for daily spending
  • 24-Hour Emergency Helpline
  • Annual Fee Waiver for the first year of card operation. This applies to Supplementary cards as well
  • 1.5 Million ATMs worldwide using:
  • MASTERCARD debit card can be used for:
    Grocery   Dining   Petrol   Travel

Supplementary Cards

  • Number of Cards Allowed : 2 cards
  • Cash Withdrawal: Rs.25,000/-
  • POS Transaction: Rs.75,000/-
  • IBFT : Not Available
  • Card Replacement Charges on the basis of stolen, damaged & lost : Rs.800 + FED
  • Annual Card fee for supplementary card : Rs.800 + FED

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