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Young Bee Account

The young bee account is a magical world of saving with many adventures waiting for you! We are here to make your life adventurous and fun! Now you can save money to dine and shop with your friends by using your Young Bee Debit Card.


Enter The Hive

It is simple to become a part of our hive. Visit any branch of Summit Bank and ask the Bank Officer to give you a Young Bee Account opening form. Fill out the form completely and hand it over to the Bank Officer. You are now ready to enter the magical world!


Adventures of Young Bee

Welcome Gift
When you open your Young Bee Account, you will be presented with a Welcome Pack. The Welcome Pack comes with your Young Bee Debit Card, Young Bee User Guide and a Stationary Pouch.

Saving is Exciting
Saving is fun and it makes us responsible. Saving money not only teaches us how to spend wisely but it also has its adventures. Saving money allows us to buy bigger things we normally can’t afford to buy, like a video game, a bicycle or even dining at McDonalds.

Young Bee Debit Card
The Young Bee Debit Card is just like cash but much more convenient. It is quick, safe and works everywhere. You can charge your Card anywhere you wish. Shop with your Debit Card instead of Cash, feel safe and enjoy Young Bee adventures.

Fun at McDonalds
Now there will be more fun at McDonalds with your Young Bee Debit Card. Shop with your card and earn McDonalds Meal Points. Use your points at McDonalds and enjoy amazing deals.
Apart from Meal Points, you will have special DEALS at McDonalds for Young Bee Debit Card Holders.

What more can you ask for?

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