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Financial Institution

FID is a support, as well as profit generating center of the bank. In FID, we maintain relationships with major financial institutions around the globe, to process all our trade transactions, remittances and payments. We enjoy strong banking relationships, considering our customer base, vis-a-vis trade finance which is growing rapidly. We are committed to understanding business needs and delivering the services required.

The blend of Summit Bank’s specially designed trade products, with a team of trade staff having extensive expertise & experience in their specialized areas of trade finance, adds great value to the customers’ interest, in terms of improved trade cycles. It also facilitates efficient management of cash flows and flexibility with quick turnaround time for the processing of transactions.

Summit Bank Limited, a growing commercial bank of Pakistan, listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange, in a very short span of time has expanded its network across the country with 193 real-time and online branches and 215+ ATMs.

We have a dedicated Financial Institutions Division (FID) team looking after correspondent relationships and ensure provision of complete international banking solutions to our correspondents across the world. Catering diversified requirements of corporate, commercial and retail clients’ global import and export needs efficiently in risk averse manners.

Further, the ever-increasing correspondent banking arrangements with over 550+ SWIFT RMAs at present with financial institutions globally to serve to handle all kinds of transactions.

FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act)

Summit Bank itself has registered and obtained Global Intermediary Identification Number (GIIN) for the bank. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) assigned GIIN to our bank is: BXMDDV.00000.LE.586
The GIINs have been published by the IRS on the Foreign Financial Institution (FFI) List. Find W-8- BEN-E form here.


Requirement of Legal Documentation and AML/KYC & Due Diligence Information

  1. Bank License
  2. Certificate of Commencement of Business
  3. Latest Shareholding pattern
  4. Board of Directors
  5. Senior Management
  6. Wolfsberg Questionnaire
  7. US Patriot Act Certificate
  8. GIIN Code & W-8-BEN-E form
  9. Nostro Relationships (SSI)

Become a Summit Bank Correspondent

We invite banks from all over the world to establish direct correspondent banking arrangement with Summit Bank to increase their relationship coverage in Pakistan to facilitate their customers. Please feel free to contact our dedicated team.

Department: Financial Institutions Division
Telephone No:  (+92)-21-32463557 | (+92)-21-32463592
Email Address:

Contact Person in Financial Institutions Division
Ali Kashif Rizvi
Senior Executive Vice President / Group Head
Treasury and Financial Institutions Division
& Home Remittance Department
Head Office, Summit Tower
Plot # G-2, Block 2
Clifton, Karachi
Dir: +92-21-32463557
PABX: 111-124-725 Ext: 2743


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