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Trade Finance

Trade Finance, being the prime focus of our bank, we offer wide variety of funded and non-funded trade related facilities such as:

1) Imports: Letters of Credit, Documentary Collection, back to back letters of credit, registration of Import Contracts, Advance Payments, Finance against Imported Materials, Finance against Trust Receipt, Finance against FE-25.

2) Exports: Confirmation, Negotiation, Discounting, Documentary Collection, Finance against Foreign Bills, Finance against FE-25, Export Refinance Facilities through State Bank of Pakistan.

3) Bank Guarantees: All kinds of Local as well as Foreign Guarantees.

For North / Central Region confirmation/genuineness should seek through following

  1. Function /Department Name: Bank Guarantee Unit
  2. Office Address: Summit Bank Ltd, Shimla Tower,2nd Floor, 05 Davis Road ,Lahore
  3. Office Phone Number : 42-36310407,042-36310389
  4. Generic Email Address:,

For South region confirmation/genuineness should seek through following

  1. Function /Department Name : Bank Guarantee Unit
  2. Office Address:: Summit Bank Plaza Plot no 8/C-1 Mumtaz Hassan Road Off I.I Chundrigar Road Karachi Pakistan
  3. Office Phone Number : 021-32468458
  4. Generic Email Address:

4) Risk Participation: Risk participation in Trade Finance Transactions mainly includes, Import LCs, Export LCs and Guarantees.

5) Local Trade: Inland Letters of Credit, Back to Back Letters of Credit, Local Bill Discounting etc.

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